February 02, 13:44

Помните недавно все шумели, что Google не будет делать приложение youtube для Apple Vision Pro? Так вот, и не надо, сторонний разработчик сделал вполне приличное приложение, которое использует официальные API гугла. Никаких проблем, берите, пользуйтесь.


Introducing Juno for Apple Vision Pro

YouTube is probably one of the parts of the internet I consume the most, so I was more than a little sad when YouTube announced that they don’t have plans to build a visionOS app, and disabled the option to load the iPad app. This leaves you with Safari, and the website is okay, but definitely doesn’t feel like a visionOS app. Couple that with visionOS not having the option to add websites to your Home Screen, and YouTube isn’t that convenient on visionOS by default.