November 15, 2022

#battleroyale возвращается! В апелляционный суд вернулось дело Epic Games против Apple. Минюсту США и штату Калифорния было предоставлено время для разъяснения антимонопольных правовых рамок.

The Epic Games-Apple antitrust battle resumes today in appeals court

Apple’s antitrust battle against Fortnite maker Epic Games is returning to the courtroom after both sides appealed last year’s ruling in a potentially precedent-setting case over Apple’s alleged anti-competitive behavior. Last year, a U.S. District Court judge had largely favored Apple when ruling the tech giant was not acting as a monopolist with regard to its App Store practices. Epic Games was unhappy with that decision, of course, as it had wanted the court to force Apple to support third-party payments which would have allowed Fortnite to maximize its revenues. Meanwhile, Apple didn’t want to agree to the court’s order that said it would have to permit apps that provide links to alternative payments.