June 07, 2022

Нормальный, подробный разбор анонсированного вчера процессора M2 от Эппл: 20 миллиардов транзисторов (в прошлом было 16), 10 графических ядер и успешное аппаратное декодирование 8к видео. Кажется, теперь для 8к видео всё готово.


Apple Announces M2 SoC: Apple Silicon for Macs Updated For 2022

Though primarily a software-focused event, Apple’s WWDC keynotes are often stage for an interesting hardware announcement or two as well, and this year Apple did not disappoint. At the company’s biggest Mac-related keynote of the year, Apple unveiled the M2, their second-generation Apple Silicon SoC for the Mac (and iPad) platform. Touting modest performance gains over the original M1 SoC of around 18% for multithreaded CPU workloads and 35% in peak GPU workloads, the M2 is Apple’s first chance to iterate on their Mac SoC to incorporate updated technologies, as well as to refresh their lower-tier laptops in the face of recent updates from their competitors.