May 11, 2022

Google прямо сейчас проводит кейноут Google I/O 2022. Да, я тоже удивился, узнал об этом случайно, а там, вероятно, покажут новые Pixel Buds и Pixel Watch.

Лайв трансляция по ссылке:

Google Keynote (Google I/O ‘22)
Tune in to find out about how we're furthering our mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. To watch this keynote with American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, please click here: To watch and listen with audio descriptions, please click here: 0:00 Opening Film 1:47 Introduction, Sundar Pichai 6:21 Knowledge 15:45 Knowledge & Search 27:15 Skin Tone Equity 32:00 Computing 33:08 Assistant 43:34 Computing: AI Test Kitchen 53:08 Safer with Google 1:04:38 Safer Way to Search 1:11:20 Android: Opening 1:45:45 Android: Wear OS & Tablet 1:25:32 Android: Better Together 1:31:22 Hardware: Opening 1:33:22 Hardware: Pixel Phone & Buds 1:45:44 Hardware: Ambient & Beyond the Phone 1:54:32 Augmented Reality & Close #GoogleIO