October 08, 2020

Google Assistant теперь может искать по данным и управлять 30 сторонними приложениями, поддержка других приложений воспоследует. По сути Assistant это такой вариант поиска для мобильных устройств - тоже портал и средство дистрибуции трафика, только по приложениям www.engadget.com/google-assistant-work-with-other-apps-170025490.html

Google Assistant finally works with some third-party apps

Before today, if you ask Siri or the Google Assistant to “check the news on Twitter,” you’ll either be shown the @CHEK_News account on the Twitter website or articles about the social network on Apple News. For Android users, voice commands are about to get a lot smarter. Google just announced that the Assistant will be able to search and control your third-party apps when you ask it to.