August 28, 2020

#BattleRoyale Эппл удалила аккаунт Epic Games в App Store. Пока Unreal Engine в безопасности, для поддержки движка у Эпик был отдельный аккаунт. Война по расписанию, критические действия по пятницам. Да, с начала конфронтации прошло 2 недели.

Apple has now terminated Epic’s App Store account following legal dispute between the two companies [U]

As previously warned by Apple, Epic’s App Store account has now been terminated due to the Fortnite developer knowingly violating App Store policy. Epic Games still had a few apps available for iOS aside from Fortnite, and they were all removed today. Fortnite for iOS was updated earlier this month with a new option that […]