February 12, 09:45

На энгаджете первые обзоры новых телефонов Самсунг. Посмотрите фотки, про остальное важное: экран 120Hz конечно приятный, 12гб оперативной памяти на андроиде конечно интересно, новая камера конечно крутая.

Кажется новое поколение андроидов будеет довольно любопытным, но почему же так дорого? Хочется продавать телефоны дороже Эппл? www.engadget.com/2020/02/11/samsung-galaxy-s20-s20-plus-s20-ultra-hands-on-5g-space-zoom/

Samsung Galaxy S20 series hands-on: 5G across the board (sort of)

If you were planning to buy a premium Android smartphone this year, you can rest easy knowing they'll all come with more or less the same things. A speedy, new chipset with gobs of RAM? Yep. An at least mildly tweaked build of Android 10? Sure. A few too many cameras? You get the idea. Samsung understands this all too well, which explains why it's leaning so hard into the whole "age of experience" angle it first laid out at CES this year -- as far as the company is concerned, a device's true value doesn't lie in just the hardware; it's in the things that hardware allows you to do. Suffice to say, the $999 Galaxy S20, $1,199 S20+ and $1,399 S20 Ultra allow you to do a lot. We got to spend a little hands-on time with all three devices ahead of today's launch event, and as usual they made some strong first impressions. Sure, in many ways, they don't stray too far from Samsung's proven flagship formula, and some people simply won't find enough value here to warrant an upgrade. If you've been itching for more 5G…