November 18, 2019

Хакеры взломали и выложили в сеть полные дампы серверов Cayman National Bank and Trust. Это такой офшорный банк, который используется разными темными личностями для отмывания денег. Ну, не только для этого, но конечно основной интерес у хакеров был такой.

Там примерно 2ТБ данных, утечки Сбера отдыхают.

Massive Hack Strikes Offshore Cayman National Bank and Trust - UNICORN RIOT

Isle of Man, UK – A blast of sunshine has hit a secretive banking network used by global ultra-wealthy figures following a massive hack by “Phineas Fisher“, a notorious self-described “hacktivist”, of Cayman National Bank and Trust, which serves nearly 1,500 accounts in Isle of Man. Transparency collective Distributed Denial of Secrets has began publishing copies of the bank’s servers, a cache of documents as well as communications among bankers and others. Journalists around the world are investigating and have begun releasing stories. Following the hack, a manifesto was uploaded to the Internet addressing the motivation for hacking financial services companies. Unicorn Riot has embedded the manifesto below which includes previously unpublished code which the author claims was used to […]