August 30, 2018

Apple покажут что-то новое 12 сентября, буквально вот на днях. Слоган мероприятия “gather round” и красивый золотой кружок. Короче будет что-то интересное, наверное не стоит придумывать что.

Apple’s next big event is September 12

The invites have dropped, and the big show’s official. After months of speculation, Apple just let slip that its next event will be going down September 12, at the company’s shiny new headquarters in Cupertino. The invite bears the words “Gather round,” along with a large gold circle, which appears to be a reference to its big, circular new digs. Of course, the company does love throwing a hint or two in these invites, so we may also be getting some reference to a new piece of tech and/or color scheme.